24 November 2011

I am so thankful for my life : the parade and dogs

Thanksgiving, 2011


This Thanksgiving was super. We watched the parade just to see my niece. The kids had never watched the parade and I hadn't in years. Now I remember why. :) Their dad would be proud that I exposed them to a smattering of Broadway musicals courtesy of the NBC broadcast: Newsies (no Christian Bale-what a rip!), Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (they were confused), How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (the kids were shocked and confused that Harry Potter sang) and Spiderman (why?). We saw the mass cheerleading spectacle that was Ashlee. We could not pick her out, but the we got the general idea. Way cool.  She'll point herself out when we're in California for Christmas.


She's in there somewhere.

Following the parade, I imposed my mom-will and watched the AKC dog show. Henry was sporadically interested, in between loud reactions to the game he was playing on the lappy and attempting to explain stuff to me from his game. Alex took that opportunity to go play on the SNES. He played some sort of combat basketball game and enjoyed it immensely. There was a lot of hooting and hollering. Later, he ended up playing Firefox, one of his dad's favorites.
I did some online shopping while watching the dog show. The sight of unaltered male purebred dogs can be disconcerting at first; They're not something you see all that often. Anything I say from here about the testicles will seem weird.

Alex on the left, Henry on the right.

Anywhoodles, I lost interest and departed to my room to bathe and prepare for cooking.  I kept it classy (always) by wearing the only avian shirt I could find, velour pants and Hello Kitty slippers.

This was the best shot.  Scary, huh?

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