17 November 2011

Spontaneous combustion

It came yesterday.  I am happy.

As Willis looks on, I examine the spiffy special box.


Free-range, cruelty-free packaging!  And it's recyclable.

OK, whoa.

Ahhh!  It knows my name!


Essentially, it's a big version of my Samsung Galaxy Vibrant phone, except that it doesn't have cellular which I don't need, cuz it's already on my phone), a camera (ditto) and microphone (duh).  I've been using the Android operating system for 3 years now and the Fire does not disappoint.  It's way zippy on the innerwebs and even without being able to access the Android Market, I can still find plenty of free apps on the Amazon marketplace.  I am loathe to pay for anything, but I did buy Wordfeud.  The free version actually has commercials, which are most annoying; $2.90 was well worth it.

I then proceeded to listen to RJD2 from my cloud drive while playing Wordfeud with my mom.
I settled in for the night after starting Netflix.  There's really nothing like watching "Keeping Up Appearances" in bed.

Happy Christmahannukwanzaa Early-Birthday to me!