12 August 2011

so, so true

A few people at work have these.

I'm not a big toe/feet person, so they are a little unsettling to me.  Also, I find toe socks (thanks Aunt Janet, from like 1981, for the rainbow ones) uncomfortable, so the mere idea of the toe shoes makes me twitchy.

happy happy friday!

it's foggy.  i opened the weather channel app on my phone this morning to check if this long-sleeved t-shirt i'm wearing would work.  i was startled and dismayed to see the day getting up to 90.  then i noticed i was looking at williams, ca.  WHEW!!!  a nice, balmy 70 will be the high today.  i'm totally a pacific northwesterner now.

alex informed me last night that my incense smelled like farts and that i should probably get something different.  like today.  at least he's honest.

so, by the time i turn 40 on 04Jan2013, i hope to be a little skinnier and driving a corvette.  also, i will have a big dog (think Tucker) again, in addition to willis and sophie.  i love the little guys, but i really miss my tucker.

11 August 2011


Vendor show today at work with really good BBQ.
Holy banana balls, Batman, that was yummy.  I had a mix of pulled pork, beef brisket and pork ribs.  Baked beans, too.  :)

Not being a big meat-eater, generally, I'm thinking my digestive tract is going to have a time of it later.  It was soooo good, though.

The vendors were cool too.  Good swag.  Stocked up on magnetic clips and candy.  Good times.

08 August 2011

Pacific Science Center Sunday

after a meal of dick's, we headed to the pacific science center.  the highlight for me was the butterflies.  despite the head and humidity, i could have stayed there all day.  so beautiful.

that is indeed a butterfly on alex's head


koko, tucker, mae west (fluffy koko).  tucker is the new addition.  an owl, because he was so wise, with a snail on it's head, because he was so patient.

dude looks a bit sketchy

Who knew?