29 July 2011

we will see on monday

how the assay today went.

if it goes well, i'm a farging rock star!

Update:  I am not a rock star.  I am, in fact, human.  Boogers.

28 July 2011

So true

Parking lot at work:

weather update

I'm looking forward to going home and weeding.

By the power of Greyskull!

With reference to this, Stackable Clowns are a Seattle-area party band.
Mystery solved via the powers of innerweb Google.

Glad we got that figured out.

27 July 2011

Oscar is letting me down

Oscar*, the refrigerator, has been giving me trouble lately.  More specifically, it's the freezer that's being problematic.

I'm going to be a grillin' fool this evening, as I had just bought a poop-load of meat.  Doh!


*He is named after the Sears delivery gentleman who delivered him some 5 years ago.

25 July 2011


"A Million Miles Away" from Rihanna's second album, A Girl Like Me, has the same theme as "California King" from her current album, Loud.  Namely, a couple is struggling with growing apart in their relationship.  There's no infidelity; they are just in a stagnant state.  The earlier effort is more pleading and passive while the current song is more demonstrative and angry.  In "A Million Miles Away", she is whiny and isn't sure what to do next.  "California King" has her facing the problem head-on.  No whining.  She wants answers, and she wants them now.

Stackable clowns update

With reference to this post, the stackable clowns are now from 6-9.  No details on why the change.

Sunny on the weekend is ok with me.


I don't mind.


I'm fine.