22 July 2011

Happy happy Friday!

July 21, 2010 the boys and I spent our first night in our new house, Casa de Awesome.

Not only that, but July 21, 1980 was the glorious day that the lovely Miss Andrea King (soon to be Mrs. Andrea Martin) came into the world.

What is this "summer" you speak of?

19 July 2011

i'm a nerd and a geek

and i get paid for it!
love it.
i am training on a new hplc method and a sneak peek at the data shows that i didn't totally f*ck it up.  hooray!

18 July 2011

Netflix is awesome.

I am totally serious.
to those who are pissed about the rate increase: eat it.
this is the second or third time they have credited me for disruption of service that i neither complained about nor experienced.  preemptive customer service.  farging brilliant.

that is all.

Monday monday monday!

The tropical weather continues.  I shared my attitude about the rain (see previous post) with the coffee gal this morning and she pointed out that it was true, but also that things can't grow without sun.  Boogers.

17 July 2011

Sunday mashing ass

Chilling with the monkeys, watching Henry play Super Mario World and Alex Black Ops.
Drizzly outside.  Just keep muttering to myself "I love the green; can't have the green without the rain."  Over and over.  Whilst rocking back and forth in the corner.