02 July 2012


This is right up there with the impaled palm with the lovely red blood seen on the way to Natalie's on 5.  I am not a fan of the gory religious displays.

Gecko found hitching a ride on the windshield.

Looks like my mouse wrangling skills do have practical use outside the vivarium.  Kick ass.

Banyan tree


The dancing was nice.  The consensus was that the guys did better than the gals.  Regardless, most pleasant.
Buffet was good.  I tried the poi and found  it neither icky nor spectacular.  The texture was odd, but there was no flavor; perfect as a starch.  Kalua pork was really good.  I am full as a tick.  I ate way too many of the taro Hawaiian dinner rolls.  They were purple and yummy.
Oh, and we got real leis.

Laundry can be such a bother.