29 September 2011

15 years ago today...

i got married.

i was just sitting here at my desk and suddenly noticed the date.  it's hard to describe the feeling i'm having right now; i'm ok, just a little startled and perplexed.  the date snuck up on me (though i've had this little tickle in the back of my brain lately; now i know what it was) and i'm relieved, i guess, that i'm not upset.  it's weird.  i'm ok with it.  i'm not emotional or sad.  i have good memories filled with love and joy.  my forehead has relaxed and i am now smiling as the memories come.  maybe i'll cry later.  maybe i will just keep smiling.  either way, i will be fine.  i guess time is passing.

back to work.

26 September 2011

life with willis (sometimes)

Yay for the rain!

I'm totally not kidding.  I'm not too hep to the sunny and muggy crap (as previously complained about).  I'm ready for fall, winter, anythingbutmuggysummer.

Oh, and my dogs are cute, as evidenced by the following:

clean laundry is the best for napping


you take my picture?! pfft

am i into trouble?