29 October 2011

Ways to avoid doing your laundry on Saturday:

1. Sleep.
2. Walk the dog.
3. Take yourself to Denny's where you read your financial history book, drink coffee, and sing along to "Islands in the Stream" without shame.

Kidless Saturday nights (they're at a Halloween party) are awesome.  No joke.  Just waiting for them to call.  I will start a load when I get home.  Probably.

26 October 2011

My gorgeous niece, Ashlee.

Her uniform for cheering in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (!!!) came today and she looks stunning.  I had to share:


Dumb-ass duck season.

Yep, it's dumb-ass duck season here in Canyon Park.  Ever since they mowed down the wooded area next to Bothell-Everett Highway, the ducks have been confused.  And stupid.  I am not familiar with the cognitive abilities of ducks in general, but the ducks around here don't appear to be the sharpest tools in the shed.
Case in point:  I turn the corner onto a known duck-crossing area, only to find a bunch of ducks in the road.  They were waddling from the creek over to the mowed-down wooded area (I think there is another or the same creek over there).  You would think they would move a little faster while picking up their nuts or berries or whatever it was they were nibbling on.  Nope.  They took their sweet-ass time crossing.  I was honking and yelling.  I even stuck my head out of my window to holler at them.  I swear one of them flipped me off as he/she bent down to pick up a nibble.  That or the duck was repeating the refrain that I've been hearing from Alex lately regarding school, "don't worry".  Grrr.  No babies yet; thank goodness.  Drivers around here are great; they will stop in both directions (it's a divided road) to make sure they get across safely.  Unfortunately, last year there was a baby duck that didn't make it across.  :(  It wasn't me, and I'm sure that whomever nailed it felt horrible.  I know I would.

Yay for fall.  It's my favorite time of year.