19 August 2011

i am so proud of my company right now

how does that happen?

somehow i managed to slice my finger, paper-cut style, whilst cutting up my overripe nectarine.  i was using a compostable knife with a compostable fork and the fork broke.  i didn't notice until i sat down that i must have cut myself with the broken fork.  good thing i noticed on my own instead of hitting my hands with some instant hand sanitizer; that would have been a great way to see god.
being a hippie can be dangerous.

16 August 2011

Two-fer Tuesday!

Mr. Ivan here at work and my awesome nephew Ethan share a birthday today.  Ivan is 40 and Ethan is *13.
I am happily burping up sushi from Wasabi Bay in Mill Creek.  Good stuff.

Oh, and MY PARENTS ARE COMING!!!  I'm a little excited.  :)  This will be the first time my dad has seen Casa de Awesome.  He said he'd only come if it was sunny.  Ha!  Obviously, he was being silly.  :)


15 August 2011

ensure insure assure

why is this so difficult?!
i'm not perfect, but i do expect others to be.  is that so wrong?