20 April 2012

today is a weird day

Random factoids and recollections of today's date (ok, not that many):

Hitler's birthday: *Chas. told me this one.

Columbine shooting:  When this happened in 1999, I was close to popping out Alex.  My sister's brother-in-law's baby mama had a baby on this day.  Alex came 6 days later and my dad saved a bunch of papers from the day to mark his birth; I felt sorry for the unfortunate events that took place on the other little baby's birth date.

Stoner Christmas: 4/20,  Duh.  I did not learn of the 420 thing until I was married and living in Marin County, CA.  Again, learned from *Chas.

*I learned all kinds of cool stuff from being married to this guy.  :)

follow the link, laugh. repeat.

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