02 June 2011

So proud

I burst out laughing earlier at something my nephew said: "the ceremony is Friday at 7." Ha! I thought it was tomorrow. : l My family must think I'm nuts, coming a day early. Well, the kids and I will have that much more time to enjoy the company of our family and the cool Dodge Charger I got. Life is good. :)

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01 June 2011

Goin back to Cali

It's hot. Honeysuckle smell. Hoping for a bitchin' vehicle.
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31 May 2011

i have a lot of socks

dearest soon-to-be-constant reader:
*hi simone!*

i like socks.  i receive them as gifts.  i wear christmas socks all year round.  i like looking down and seeing something bright and/or funny.  i resisted the "buy 1 get 1 1/2 off" sock coupon at fred meyer this evening.  no small feat.

(Oh, and rest assured that it is no more pathetic to read someone's ramblings than to publish them.  Pathetic is relative, for I do both.)

anywhoodles, it's back to packing i go.  off to ca tomorrow evening.  left the packing to the absolute last minute.  :)

Straight from the desktop

Ka pow
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From the phone...

Just to see if it's works.
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