25 November 2011

(Drumroll, please) : Let's eat!

Following a sampling of the ciders (apple/grape and apple/pomegranate) by the monkeys, dinner was presented.  Note that it is not easy getting a decent picture of these guys.  Too bad they're not photogenic like their mom.  *clears throat*

The best I could get.  :)

This isn't turkey!  Cool!

Henry and I had some pumpkin pie.  Alex is not a pie kinda guy.  Both kids gave me mad props for a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Today has been a lazy day.  The second bag of mashed potatoes was polished off by the kids, with pieces of hen thrown in.  Thankfully, Henry ate the last piece of pie.  I made myself a chicken sandwich with potato bread, sharp cheddar cheese, REAL mayonnaise and course ground deli mustard (extra horseradish!).

There are still dishes to clean, but I'll think about that tomorrow.  I did some sleeping, reading and I'm done with my laundry, too.  Oh yeah, and I vacuumed my room.  I love to vacuum, but don't like hearing the dogs holler the entire time.  Sophie is the worst.  She was even barking when I turned it off.  Sigh.

Awesome Thanksgiving.


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