15 July 2011

Happy happy Friday!

the shirt i'm wearing.
red suede pumas.
yoga socks.
jimi hendrix on the zune.  reminds me of playing super mario world with the boy.  good memory.

super cool, yo.

14 July 2011

2 things...

1.  I have a mosquito bite between my thumb and forefinger.  The gd bugs are loving me this year.  i suspect the jacked-up east coast weather we've been having.  swamp ass is not a Good Thing.  1 out of 3 screens are in.  it's looking awesome.  josh is doing a fantastic job.  i'm so lucky.

2.  Alex will be in 7th grade, Henry in 5th.  Little buggers are growing fast.  (I vividly remember 7th grade, ferfucksake!)  i'm *tripping balls.  it's been 20 years since i graduated from high school, 15 years since i got married. 

 *freaking out :)

favorite day of the week

Shit Day!
Sure happy it's Thursday.

11 July 2011

July 4th : what we blew up


The Warp Factor was free, and it did not disappoint as the grand finale. Included in the Big Timer was at least 1 Golden Shower and numerous Flaming Balls.
The boys and I had a giant bucket of water and a house (wtf?) the hose at the ready.  Looking forward to next year...

Prezzies Part 2

To continue the awesome stuff that comes in the mail topic, also on that day, I received:
this box
which contained 2 of these boxes

which contained these awesome shoes

Nintendo, yo

Chas.' original SNES was toast, having contributed much enjoyment over the years, so I donated it to the nerds over at Next Level Video Games in Everett to fiddle with.  Thanks to the FC Twin, the boys are now able to enjoy the numerous Super Nintendo games that are the real treasure.  The machine also plays NES games, so I bought Super Mario Bros. and Hudson Hawk.  I've yet to pop in the Hudson Hawk game (the movie was a Chas. favorite), but the boys have been playing the poopie out of the Super Mario Bros.  Also, Yoshi's Island and Super Mario World are favorites.  Watching them play does my heart good.  I have fond memories and enjoy sharing them with the guys.

Happy 7-Eleven Day!

Go on and get yourself a free Slurpee!

Fun fact:  15 years ago today I was wearing a Mr. Slurpee costume, giving out free stuff in front of the 7-Eleven on.Oak Road in Walnut Creek, CA.  Unlike here (Seattle suburb), it was really arfing hot.  I had a good time, though.

10 July 2011


Lou Reed looks very much like Bela Legosi's Frankenstein.

(Henry says that all good rap songs end with "word".)