08 March 2012

Mom-imposed Techno-no-no Week

This was imposed by me in an effort to reconnect and re-engage with my boys, as well as show them that we don't need all that technology to have a good time.  The rules were simple: 7 consecutive days of no technology and a day gets tacked onto the end if any of us use technology (except music).  Also, it was a good excuse to play Seattle tourists.

Things the kids and I did during our Techno-no-no Week (11Feb2012-17Feb2012):

(in no particular order other than what popped into my head as I was writing this)
  • Visited the Seattle Aquarium
  • Visited the Woodland Park Zoo
  • Visited the EMP (Experience Music Project and Sci-Fi Museum)
  • Visited the Space Needle 2x (1x during the day and 1x at night)
  • Discovered a totally awesome skate shop called The Black Market in Seattle (near the elephant car wash)
  • Chatted with the really nice guys at The Black Market
  • Met a cute dog named Pizza at The Black Market
  • Received several free stickers proclaiming our fondness for The Black Market
  • Visited the library and checked out a bunch of books
  • Read a poopload of books, magazines, graphic novels, and comic books
  • Listened to music in the car
  • Bought the kids each a personal CD player
  • Showed them Chas.' CD books and the contents therein with permission to listen to everything
  • Lounged (me) and swam (kids) at the Y
  • Perused a really cool antique store
  • Frequented numerous gift shops
  • Rode a carousel
  • Ate at Dick's in Seattle (lots of giggling there)
  • Perused book stores
  • Looked up words in the dictionary
  • Shared space and chilled
  • Did I mention we read a bunch and listened to lots of music?
Things the kids and I did NOT do during our Technno-no-no Week:
  • Watch TV
  • Play online computer games
  • Watch YouTube videos on the computer
  • Look up random stuff on the computer
  • Play on the Xbox 360
  • Play on the Wii
  • Play on the SuperNES
  • Play with Nintendo 3DSs
  • Play games on my Kindle Fire
  • Watch videos (Netflix or Amazon Prime) on my Kindle Fire
  • Look up random stuff on my Kindle Fire
  • Play games on my phone
  • Look up random stuff on my phone
  • Read blogs at work (me, obviously)

The week was not without challenges, but overall, we had a great time.

06 March 2012


I'm looking out the window here at work and the sky is blindingly blue.  And there's snow on the ground that's melting.  WEIRD!