25 November 2011

Dressed for success : zee henz

The recipe was handily displayed on the Fire, thusly:

After procuring the rosemary, I set about making the hens dance with some olive oil, ably assisted by Henry.  Alex was a bit grossed out.  With the assistance of Henry's clean hands, I peppered and salted, stuffed with rosemary and a Cutie quarter, and placed the birds on the pan.  Of course, there was some garlic.

That there is genuine Reynolds wrap.

Into the oven they went.  Soon the house smelled of rosemary.  Delightful.

The sides for the feast were green beans and mashed potatoes.  Have microwave, will travel.

These are always a hit with the guys.

As I do not mash, this is the next best thing.

Here the birds are, roasting away:

They look cozy, no?

The rolls were not terribly exciting, so I didn't take a picture of them.

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