10 October 2011

elusive vs. lucid dream

Me:  *hollering* why do i hear yammering?! go to bed!
Alex:  i was telling henry about my elusive dream.
Me:  your what?  you guys need to be sleeping.
Alex:  my elusive dream.   you know, when you can control your dream.
Me:  LUCID dream.  you mean lucid dream.  l-u-c-i-d.  elusive is when something is hard to find.
Alex:  oh.  i thought it was elusive.  lucid.  you know what it is?  you've had one?
Me:  yes.  they're pretty sweet.  now, go to bed!
Alex:  i'm going to have a mental picture of a *bionicle, and when i see one in my dream, i will know i'm having a dream and then i can control the dream.
Me:  ok, but go to bed!
Henry:  i had a lucid dream once where i was floating above the ground facing down but then i fell.
Me:  Umm, ok.  love you guys.
Alex:  (bionicle, bionicle)

it is exchanges such as this that keeps me from murderlizing them.
they are also adorable when they sleep.
especially when alex talks nonsense when i take his glasses and henry snores and sleeps with his eyes open. they are going to make two lucky girls very happy.

*see comments below for the definition


  1. Bionicle???

    is that a bionic icicle

    a barnicle that swings both ways?

    puzzled I am

    one row over, behind Michael

  2. From Wikipedia:
    Bionicle is a line of toys by the LEGO Group marketed primarily for 5- to 16-year-olds. "Bionicle" is a portmanteau constructed from the words "biological" and "chronicle".
    From me:
    there are a lot of tiny pieces that hurt when you step on them.


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