13 October 2011

Cream cheese igloo and penguins-update

In response to this query:

I would like to submit a picture of a stellar preparation of your Igloo Spread with Cream Cheese Penguins as prepared by my mother. Of the pictures I have seen on the internet of this recipe (including this website), my mom's was the best. Thank you.

I received this response:

Dear Carol Morris-Tilden:
Thank you for contacting General Mills.

It is General Mills’ policy not to accept submitted ideas in order to avoid compromising our internal product research, development and marketing efforts. Although we appreciate your sincere interest in General Mills and its products, we are unable to consider your request.
Again, thank you for your interest in General Mills and your enthusiasm for our products.


Imee B. Roberts
Consumer Services

am I right?
I don't think Imee B. Roberts genuinely considered my request.  If I could have attached a picture, I'm confident that Imee B. Roberts would have enthusiastically accepted.General Mills' policy, my foot.  They just don't want to admit that their picture sucks, and mom's is better.  You be the judge.


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