13 June 2011

happy happy monday!

the endless washington spring continues.  it was nice yesterday and saturday and now it's raining.  i want to rub my eyes but it hurts when i rub my eyes but they itch, so i want to rub my eyes (especially the right one) but it hurts... PLEASE STOP ALTERNATING SUN AND RAIN!  at least for a week.  you see, when it rains and then is sunny and then rains again followed by sunny, the blooming things with the pollen keep pumping their goodness out.  and it all seems to have fallen into my right eye this morning.   oy.  have you seen that ben stein commercial for clear eyes with the beach ball-eye and the sand?  multiply that feeling by at least 17, and that's how the right eye is feeling.  allegra, benadryl and sudafed.  if i could apply these directly into my eyes, i would.  i wonder if i've topped out with the allegra?  it has been a few years.  ugh.
anywhoodles, make it a great day!

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