05 May 2014

26Apr2014 - Kids' birthday surprises - Part 1

Last year's birthday month for the guys (April) was pretty awesome.  We stayed in beautiful Whitefish, Montana for Spring Break, drove/rode in Ferraris and indoor sky-dived.  I sorta out-did myself, I think.

As per usual, I did not tell the guys anything about what we were doing on Saturday, April 26th (Alex's birthday) other than that we were going to Seattle.  I'm always quite proud of myself if I can keep a really awesome secret from them for more than a week.  Sufficed to say that the trip to Ireland coming up in June didn't stay a secret for long.  :)

Here's what we did:

We rode the Duck!   It is a quintessential Seattle tourist-y experience and we simply had to do it.  We had a super fun driver and everyone on the duck sprung the $2.35 for the quackers.  We were a loud bunch.  Great music, fun trivia, just an all-around great time.

Rolling in to Lake Washington and sailing around looking at bridges, yachts, houseboats and floating houses (there is a difference... the more you know) was quite the experience.

Oddly enough, the quackers didn't get annoying quickly.

Native boat.

Yep, that's the lake.

Gas Works Park

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