14 April 2014

Spring Break 2014

Almost 15, Alex goes for a swim.

Now 13, Henry braves the cold.
Tilden vacation - (Saturday-Wednesday) timeshare condo in Port Townsend (along Discovery Bay, a small bay adjoining the Strait of Juan de Fuca) spent riding a ferry, lazing about, sleeping, TV, video games, movies, anime, more sleeping, jacuzzi tub, eating out and other low effort activities.  Monday was Henry's birthday, so we did more of the same, but with the occasional "Happy Birthday" thrown in.  Essentially, this was the usual Tilden vacation.
Google just made a GIF.  A little freaky.

Alex - (Thursday-Sunday) JCLC (JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge) at JBLM (Joint Base Lewis-McChord) where he got to play Army man.  Sleeping in the barracks, meeting other JROTC cadets, eating MREs, obstacle courses, marveling at the military base, and generally having the time of his life.
Alex in his repelling gear.

Henry - (Thursday-Sunday) lazing about, sleeping and playing video games by himself.  He thoroughly enjoyed it.  The dogs were delighted to have a cuddle buddy.

The guys are back to school today, with memories of another kick-ass spring break.

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