21 January 2013

Freezing fog

I have now had the good (?) fortune of experiencing freezing fog.  Fog is no big whoop; I grew up with that.  I've been through an ice storm, which was creepy and weird.  However, freezing fog for almost 2 weeks kind of blows.  Automatic headlights contribute greatly to drivers neglecting to make themselves visible in the fog.  I do not like to be startled but the sudden appearance of a grey truck out of the fog.  Headlights or at least fog lights (go figure) is preferable (and safer) to fast-moving objects appearing out of the ether. The iciness sucks big floppy... well, let's just say it sucks.  I almost went ass over tea kettle this morning stepping out of my back door to holler at the dogs.  I then skidded around my car clearing off the ice.  Thankfully the icy-car-in-the-morning bit has become less frequent, though I would prefer it to sliding down my driveway backwards into the cul de sac (that's court for all you Bay Area folk).  Watching the dogs slip and skitter around on the deck is pretty gosh darned amusing, though trying to get Sophie in the house before she's done licking every icy surface outside can be a nuisance.  Some snow would be great.

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