26 October 2011

Dumb-ass duck season.

Yep, it's dumb-ass duck season here in Canyon Park.  Ever since they mowed down the wooded area next to Bothell-Everett Highway, the ducks have been confused.  And stupid.  I am not familiar with the cognitive abilities of ducks in general, but the ducks around here don't appear to be the sharpest tools in the shed.
Case in point:  I turn the corner onto a known duck-crossing area, only to find a bunch of ducks in the road.  They were waddling from the creek over to the mowed-down wooded area (I think there is another or the same creek over there).  You would think they would move a little faster while picking up their nuts or berries or whatever it was they were nibbling on.  Nope.  They took their sweet-ass time crossing.  I was honking and yelling.  I even stuck my head out of my window to holler at them.  I swear one of them flipped me off as he/she bent down to pick up a nibble.  That or the duck was repeating the refrain that I've been hearing from Alex lately regarding school, "don't worry".  Grrr.  No babies yet; thank goodness.  Drivers around here are great; they will stop in both directions (it's a divided road) to make sure they get across safely.  Unfortunately, last year there was a baby duck that didn't make it across.  :(  It wasn't me, and I'm sure that whomever nailed it felt horrible.  I know I would.

Yay for fall.  It's my favorite time of year.

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  1. They are not the brightest of the bird clan.

    Not sure going over to the mitigation site was such a great plan for them. Yesterday morning there were 2 Bald Eagles watching the creek for salmon.

    The mitigation site is actually a very nice work in progress. I have seen some good bird action.

    But the ducks, yup, this is the time when many pairs start bonding and making time with each other , prepping for Spring ( A new fact I did not know)

    One row over, behind Michael

    trying to figure out that damn poster template


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