12 August 2011

happy happy friday!

it's foggy.  i opened the weather channel app on my phone this morning to check if this long-sleeved t-shirt i'm wearing would work.  i was startled and dismayed to see the day getting up to 90.  then i noticed i was looking at williams, ca.  WHEW!!!  a nice, balmy 70 will be the high today.  i'm totally a pacific northwesterner now.

alex informed me last night that my incense smelled like farts and that i should probably get something different.  like today.  at least he's honest.

so, by the time i turn 40 on 04Jan2013, i hope to be a little skinnier and driving a corvette.  also, i will have a big dog (think Tucker) again, in addition to willis and sophie.  i love the little guys, but i really miss my tucker.

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  1. 40 soon? I think not. I'll stay in my happy state of denial, thank you very much. ylm


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