31 October 2011

What the holy banana fruck is going on with these pictures?

So, I'm walking around Fred Meyer the other night, and I see these exercise contraptions.  The machines themselves were not so interesting;  it was the model on the boxes that caught my eye.  Her mid-section in both pictures appears grotesquely altered.  As if she wasn't thin enough!  Hopefully this poor girl does not really look like this, as I'm pretty sure she would not have room for such pesky things as internal organs.

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  1. well it is hard to know for sure

    almost all commercial photography is photo-shopped

    though she looks like a somewhat small woman who is very pumped so the limb length and the hourglass is not far from normal for the smaller woman

    But yes there is odd photo manipulation afoot. Her feet are far shorter than her wrist to elbow length ( usually both should be near the same length.) Set aside the angle of the shot, it should not be that extreme

    One row over, behind Michal



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