17 October 2011

Half-Price Books

Bookstores and I are old friends.  Cheap bookstores and I are really good friends who can't see each other very often because we go a little crazy.  I had been able to keep my lustful ways in check over the years by steering clear of the thrift store book shelves, only stealing a glance periodically.  I had only been into Half-Price Books once before Saturday, having recognized it as one of those naughty stores where I could get a lot of books for relatively little money.  "Half-price, that means I can get two!"  It was like going into the grocery store when you're hungry.  I did not dare look at the records.

How do you spend $50 on used books?  It was the big, purple eco-bag that put me over the top, no doubt.  I needed something to bring all the books home in, right?

I shan't list all of the books I bought, as I do actually have a job I need to get to (and clothes to put on), but I will say that the first book I've decided to read is remarkable so far.  I'm only a few chapters in, but what is really interesting so far is the author: Theodora Keogh.  She was a granddaughter of Theodore Roosevelt and only wrote for a short time in the early 50s and 60s.  I'm reading My Name is Rose.  Go check out her Wiki.

To the pants, away!


  1. then I better not tell you about McDonalds Books in redmond

    one row over, behind Michael

  2. The King (Andrea)17 October, 2011 15:53

    Oh my..... it was half price books that recently reminded me I want to be a pop star. I bought the computer program to record myself. Still not a pop star. Oh well!

    Love love


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