09 September 2011

Oh yeah. All right. Feels good. Inside.

As if I needed another reason to feel incredible lucky to be with my company, they went and threw us a killer party to celebrate US approval of Adcetris.  The party was at the Showbox.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the opening act, Macklemore.  He was high energy and really got people moving.

I am so glad I went because the headliner, as it were, was beyond belief.  I got great video with shitty sound of WEEZER(!!!!) that you can see on my Youtube channel, allykwat.


I also took a few bad pictures.

Um, yeah.  You get the idea.
This one is a little better...


I jumped up and down and screamed and *sobbed and was just blown away by their performance.  I got a bit dehydrated from all the sweating and crying, but it felt so good!

So awesome.

*The boy was a big Weezer fan from their first record in 1994; he had all of their records and was prone to dropping song lyrics frequently in conversation.  We all enjoyed playing "Say It Ain't So" on Rock Band many moons ago.  Alex really liked to sing and Chas. was stellar on the guitar.  Good memories there.  The earlier songs make me think of the beginning of our marriage and listening to music in our apartment in Novato.  If catharsis is a nearly uncontrollable outpouring of emotion, then I experienced bucket-fulls.  :)

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