01 August 2011

good weekend, and you?

Miss Simone treated me to a show at Salt at the Redmond Town Center.    We were totally spoiled with reclining seats, booze and good food.  What a treat!  We saw "Bridesmaids", which was hilarious.  Simone kept shooshing me because I was laughing so loudly.  The soundtrack was awesome with Blondie and Fiona Apple.  Kristen Wiig is brilliant.

Also watched "Charlie's Angels" yesterday with the guys.  I forgot how funny and clever it is.  Alex was more interested than Henry, not surprisingly  I think the sequel is available on Netflix, so maybe this weekend we can watch it.


  1. Hey you were in my hood! I went to the movies on Sunday . Long time since I did that. What else to do on such a dreary day?

  2. a whole lotta nothin', my favorite. :)


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