24 June 2011

Spreading the word at McD's (warning: run-ons ahead; don't hate)

K, so i deposited my check from the gubment (say it out loud; it's fun) at the bank by my work because it was too early at the bank by my house.  there was no way i was going to try starbucks there, as the line was mad long.  headed over to fm and was startled by the hold-up protective sneeze guard that had been installed at the chase branch.  imagine the old-timey banks with the tellers in the windows, only clear bullet-proof plastic.  finished up there and headed to sbux, where i turned right back around and headed back to my car once i saw the super long line.  no worries;  i'll hit mcd's.  the drive-thru window line was incredibly long, so i headed inside.  although the kid needed to confirm that iced americanos were on the menu, he didn't look at me like i had 3 heads, unlike the mcd's by my house.  my americano took at least 3 cups to make, but i'm worth it.  i did apologize for all the trouble because that's what i do.  next dude ordered straight espresso, remarkable to the counter peeps because of the lack of froo-froo (sugar, cream, water, etc.)  the gentlemen was most pleased at his espresso and discussed briefly with what appeared to be a manager (former?) who previously confirmed with a worker that a plain muffin and a sausage mcmuffin are nearly the same price ($1.09 vs. $1.10) because the mcmuffin is on special.  apparently an earlier patron had inquired.  back to the espresso convo; i commented as i left with my americano that during WWII american GI's found the espresso in italy too strong, so they watered it down, thus the *eponymous drink name.  ya learn something new every day.
and there you have it.

*i have always wanted to use this word since i read it in a paper about ramos cells a few years ago.

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