05 June 2011

Buckie's reason for the season

It's graduation season, and Mr. William Morris Povlsen has made his family very proud.  High school graduate.  That's my nephew.  :)
Not only were the boys and I fortunate enough to be able to attend William's graduation on Friday, June 3rd, but we also:
  • spent quality time with my sister and family
  • visited with G&GT, G&GM, GGL, GUB
  • visited with Miss Brooke
  • saw Kung Fu Panda 2 (so cute)
  • bought a new suitcase (the old one had a rough flight down and needed replacing; the new one is pink with flowers, obviously so much more awesome)
  • contributed $77 to the City of Williams, CA (I would have ticketed a strange car blocking a vacant for sale house's driveway at 4:30 am on a Wednesday, too)
  • rented a Dodge Charger (muy fabluoso)
  • swam in CA (Marco...)
  • watched sundry E! programs
  • chillaxed knowing that love was all around us
  • learned that a triple bloody mary makes landing much less scary (who knew?)

All in all, a most excellent mini-vacation.
2 weeks from tomorrow we're off to GWL for 3 days, 2 nights of indoor waterpark merriment!  The boys and I are definitely ready for summer.

 love love

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